Revisiting Voluntariness: Seeking Clarity in the Era of False Confessions

Latest Issue: Volume 108, Issue 3

Technological Incarceration and the End of the Prison Crisis

By: Mirko Bagaric, Dan Hunter, Gabrielle Wolf | January 1, 2018

The United States imprisons more of its people than any nation on Earth, and by a considerable margin. Criminals attract little empathy and have no political capital. Consequently, it is not surprising that, over the past forty years, there have been no concerted or unified efforts to stem the rapid increase in incarceration levels in […]

The Fourth Amendment in the Age of Persistent Aerial Surveillance

By: John Pavletic | January 1, 2018

If Big Brother made movies, persistent aerial surveillance would be its masterpiece. Small airplanes are rigged with high-tech cameras that can continuously transmit real-time images to the ground. The aircraft is able to monitor an area of thirty square miles for ten hours at a time. This technology allows video analysts to zoom in and […]

The Regulatory Challenge of Public Corruption

By: Lauren M. Ouziel | January 1, 2018