Of Law and Men

@badgaltranny | May 4, 2023

This article was written in conjunction with the 2021-2022 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology Symposium: Do Hate Crime Laws #stophate, #stophatecrimes, and #standagainstthehate? that occurred on April 8, 2022.

I, an Indian-American transgender woman, share stories of my sexual escapades with seven Trump supporters to move us towards new mountains in jurisprudential scholarship. I do so with the hope that my stories will expose some long-sunken truths (truths perhaps buried by our own law schools) about the human desires which drive people to police, and democracies to dominions.

The rabid protestations of Law Professor Storyhaters, triggered by the mere suggestion of telling our own stories in law journals, puts me on notice that my words have found themselves in some deep oceanic force in legal scholarship. Far from encouraging me to set sail, their protests motivate me only to drop my anchor, turn my senses inward, and dive into my own stories about those who worship Law & Order in the era of Trump, COVID-19, and the George Floyd uprisingsā€”perhaps in the process, revealing the role that Law has played in the midst of this all.