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Volume 86 - Issue 1


Reflections on Firearms and the Criminal Law

Zimring, Franklin E. | January 1, 1995

Additional Discussion about Easing Concealed Firearms Laws

McDowall, David, Loftin, Colin, Wiersema, Brian | January 1, 1995

Gun Ownership and Gang Membership

Bjerregaard, Beth, Lizotte, Alan J. | January 1, 1995

Daniel D. Polsby Replies

Polsby, Daniel D. | January 1, 1995

Youth Violence, Guns, and the Illicit-Drug Industry

Blumstein, Alfred | January 1, 1995
Book Review

Book Reviews

January 1, 1995

Regulating Gun Markets

Cook, Philip J., Molliconi, Stephanie, Cole, Thomas B. | January 1, 1995
Book Review

Recent Books

January 1, 1995

Keeping Guns out of the Wrong Hands: The Brady Law and the Limits of Regulation

Jacobs, James B., Potter, Kimberly A. | January 1, 1995

Firearms and Community Feelings of Safety

Hemenway, David, Solnick, Sara J., Azrael, Deborah R. | January 1, 1995

Changes in Firearms Ownership among Women, 1980-1994

Smith, Tom W., Smith, Robert J. | January 1, 1995

A Tribute to a View I Have Opposed

Wolfgang, Marvin E. | January 1, 1995

Easing Concealed Firearms Laws: Effects on Homicide in Three States

McDowall, David, Loftin, Colin, Wiersema, Brian | January 1, 1995